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Henderson pass-doors and side entrance doors


Do you often have to go onto your garage? Do you also use your garage for storage and you don't want to have to open the entire door? Why go around when you can just go through? The question is only whether you prefer a garage door with an integrated pass-door, a side sectional door or a side entrance door? All of these solutions provide perfect convenience.


The advantages of pass-doors:

+ Convenient entry to the garage without activating the door operator
+ An extra entrance when there is no space for another door
+ A low threshold that does not get in the way - there is no trip hazard
+ Flexible placement to the side or centre


The disadvantages of pass-doors:

- Expensive to manufacture
- A disadvantage in terms of heat insulation
- Only possible for the Henderson Superior 42 and Henderson Superior+ 42 sectional doors
- Please note: Pass-doors are not possible for roller doors!

Sektionaltor mit Schlupftür - Entrematic Germany

Technical information:

  • Door profiles can be ordered either in anodised aluminium or painted the same colour as the door. The threshold of the garage door and entrance door are always supplied in adonised aluminium.

  • The pass-door is equipped with a door closer and a pass-door lock as standard.

  • All doors up to 3.000 mm wide and 2.250 mm High are produced with an aluminium top profile. Larger doors are produced with an internal reinforcing profile.


Herstellung einer Garagentür in der Produktionsstätte in Schweden - Entrematic Germany

A pass-door involves manual work: Here are the panels after the first step.

Produktion einer Tür für Ihre Garage - Entrematic Germany

During production: The uppermost panel is finished and is carefully packed.

Side entrance doors for your garage

Do you have enough space to equip your garage with a side entrance door? Then you will also find the right door to match all garage doors in every design, ensuring a harmonious overall look.

The models Trend, Style, Flair, Micro, Classic and E-Design are available to choose between.  Door handles are available in black, silver or stainless steel.

Henderson - It doesn't just sound like quality.

Energy-efficient building or renovation: Doors from Henderson are all made of panels with a thickness of 42 mm. This is how we guarantee efficient insulation. That's easy on the environment as well as on your purse!

We know what we're selling you. That's why we offer a 10-year factory warranty on absolutely all door components, including wearing parts like rollers, springs, hinges and the door surface. You can rely on this!

*Details can be found in our warranty declaration.

Quality standard
Quality standard
We don't tolerate non-compliance. Henderson garage doors already offer premium quality in serial production. With our name we vouch for this – and will continue to do so in future.
For 70 years Henderson has stood for quality, sustainability, individuality, security, safety and reliability in relation to garage doors and operators. If you decide for a door from Henderson, you're making the right choice!
Countless options for variation guarantee you'll find the very door for you! Choose your door according to your technical requirements and style preferences.
What's in your garage is often more valuable than you think. This is why we offer optional protection from burglary with the Henderson Superior 42 and Henderson Superior+ 42: SKG-certified burglar resistance complying with the Dutch standard NEN 5096.

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