Smart 42

Premium cost-effectiveness 

The basic model of this door offers so many features that you'll want to take it away on the spot.

Henderson garage doors. The doors with the + 


+ Convenience 
  • Premium cost-effectiveness thanks to the 42 mm-thick, insulated and thermally separated panels
  • Ball bearing-mounted pulleys for silent door operation
  • Tension spring system integrated into the casing, up to 3000 x 2250 mm.
    (Larger doors with torsion spring)
  • Low lintel setting
  • Virtually no drive-through loss for the manual door
+ Variety  
  • 6 standard colours with surface finish
  • 4 model variants
  • Finish in brilliant or woodgrain structure
  • Motif windows and light bands available
  • 61 standard sizes
+ Security  
  • Increased safety is our standard:
  • Finger trapping protection, anti-leverage protection, spring fracture protection, obstruction detector
  • Conformity-tested

+ Service
  • 10-year full warranty (*You can find the details in our Warranty Declaration)
  • Certified service and professional dealer network
  • 70 years of know-how as a European brand name


Henderson Smart 42


Take your time in selecting the right colour for your house.

Of course, you are always free to choose a shade according to RAL if the standard colours with a surface finish do not appeal.


Standard colours in surface finish

Traffic white, (similar to RAL 9016) Traffic white, (similar to RAL 9016)
White aluminium (similar to RAL 9006) White aluminium (similar to RAL 9006)
Anthracite grey (similar to RAL 7016) Anthracite grey (similar to RAL 7016)
Light oak 060 Light oak 060
Dark oak 070 Dark oak 070
Sepia brown (similar to RAL 8014) Sepia brown (similar to RAL 8014)

Please note: The Linea model is delivered in traffic white (similar to RAL 9016) (all other RAL colours available for an additional charge).
Light oak 060 and dark oak 070 are not available in a brilliant surface.
Traffic white (similar to RAL 9016): Basic shade at a cheaper price as standard

Different colours available!


Finishes featuring Henderson quality.

The 42 mm-thick CFC-free foam core is stabilised with a galvanised steel plate. This is finished off with a surface treatment. You can choose between two characteristic textured finishes.


Woodgrain Woodgrain

The perfect combination: the look of wood with a steel surface: The hard-wearing, low-maintenance steel plate features a textured wood finish. Combined with your preferred colour, this creates a durable timber-style door that never needs painting.

Brilliant Brilliant

The hard-wearing, low-maintenance steel plate features a textured finish with an abstract pattern. This creates a durable door with a tough yet stylish finish that never needs painting.


Linea model Linea model

The key to this design is the stylish bead. The even parallel lines running horizontally over this door create an appealing dynamic rhythm.
Harmony for the eyes – all down the line for finishes with a brilliant structure or in a smooth design.


Trend model Trend model

An understated, low-key door that still sets a trend. The Trend model blends in perfectly with virtually every house thanks to its look of simple elegance. Here, less is simply more.


Style model Style model

Strength from tranquillity. The soothing lines of the Style model create a look of simple elegance. Pure aesthetic appeal.

Model Classic Model Classic

Clean lines, traditional use of forms, striking cassette structure: Classic stands for timeless door design. This model makes a prestigious yet subtle impression. Simple but commanding.


Scratch-resistant clear or satined double-glazed acrylic glass – in any design – is guaranteed to give your drive a touch of exclusivity and individuality.

Motif windows

Motif 1 Motif 1

Motif 2 Motif 2

Motif 3 Motif 3

Motif 4 Motif 4

Motif 1 with ventilation grille Motif 1 with ventilation grille

Light bands

Light bands Light bands

These glazed door sections extend over the entire width of the door as a narrow band. Approx. 400 mm
in height, light bands are especially popular when more daylight is required.

Side entrance doors

 A matching side entrance door is naturally available for every model in order to create a perfectly uniform overall impression.

Side entrance doors

Linea entrance door Linea entrance door

Trend entrance door Trend entrance door

Style entrance door Style entrance door

Classic entrance door Classic entrance door

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