Side Sectional Doors

Hellgraues Seitensektionaltor von Normstahl - Entrematic Germany
Praktische Seiten Sektionaltore - Entrematic Germany
Moderne Seitensektionaltore von Normstahl Entrematic Germany


The alternative with space towards the ceiling

Side Sectional Doors and Overhead Sectional Doors only have a few differences in look and mechanics – the most obvious being the direction of operation! The highlight: For this type of door system, the panels roll sideways along the wall into the garage. You may ask yourself what the benefit of this unusual design for a garage door is. That's easy: The Side Sectional Door is a practical alternative for anyone who wants to use their garage right up to the ceiling and does not want this obstructed by door sections. For example, if you want to store a kayak, ski equipment or other bulky sports equipment overhead in your garage, the Side Sectional Door makes sure that this space remains available.



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Side Sectional door

Renovation ground runner

The perfect guide rail for renovations. Thanks to its low installation height (15 mm), it can be installed directly on the finished floor. This removes the need for any time-consuming bracing work. The low rail height does not present any obstacle when driving in or out.

Ball bearing-mounted tandem running gears

Tandem running gears mounted on ball bearings ensure optimum running. No squeaking, no jerky movements, just smooth raising and lowering at the push of a button.

Floor topping rail

The stainless steel floor topping rail ensures a smooth and reliable door travel.

Optimum seal

Henderson Side Sectional Doors are ideal sealed thanks to their seals at all relevant points, such as the end casings, inlet side, running rail and guide rail.

42 mm panels

The insulated panels, which are 42 mm thick, guarantee high stability and optimum heat insulation.
Side Sectional Doors

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Large range of products

It is also more than likely that your garage has a sloping roof or is otherwise built such that conventional garage doors pose a problem. The Side Sectional Door is perfect for exactly these kinds of special cases. Entrematic provides a large range of Henderson side sectional doors: various models, a large colour range, design elements or window inserts – you are spoilt for choice. What about if you were able to design your new garage door with just a few clicks? This is absolute child's play with our configurator.

Ideal for lateral thinkers

We like to call the Side Sectional Door the door with the free door function. Because, when it opens to the side, a gap is enough for you to enter the garage. If you have left something behind or just want to have a quick look, you don't need to open the entire garage door. And it also makes the installation of a door for an additional charge unnecessary. A Henderson Side Sectional Door impresses with its material quality, workmanship and long life. And because the extremely flat renovation floor rails can be mounted directly on the finished floor, the installation activities can also be completed at no great expense.


Henderson - It doesn't just sound like quality.

Energy-efficient building or renovation: Doors from Henderson are all made of panels with a thickness of 42 mm. This is how we guarantee efficient insulation. That's easy on the environment as well as on your purse!

We know what we're selling you. That's why we offer a 10-year factory warranty on absolutely all door components, including wearing parts like rollers, springs, hinges and the door surface. You can rely on this!

*Details can be found in our warranty declaration.

Quality standard
Quality standard
We don't tolerate non-compliance. Henderson garage doors already offer premium quality in serial production. With our name we vouch for this – and will continue to do so in future.
For 70 years Henderson has stood for quality, sustainability, individuality, security, safety and reliability in relation to garage doors and operators. If you decide for a door from Henderson, you're making the right choice!
Countless options for variation guarantee you'll find the very door for you! Choose your door according to your technical requirements and style preferences.
What's in your garage is often more valuable than you think. This is why we offer optional protection from burglary with the Henderson Superior 42 and Henderson Superior+ 42: SKG-certified burglar resistance complying with the Dutch standard NEN 5096.

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