• Ideal for applications that require light and transparency
  • Anodised as standard. Additional 11 preferred colours upon request
  • Also available in combination with OSP sections
  • Pass-door option with normal or low threshold
  • Electrical or manual operation
  • Various rail runner configurations
  • Safety features such as spring fracture protection and, where necessary, cable break protection (optional)

Henderson OSF42A


Standard interior and exterior colours: Anodised aluminium.
Optional preference colours for the surface finish based on the following colour overview.
Painted doors are also available in all RAL and NCS colours.

Preferential colors with finished surface

Rape yellow (similar to RAL 1021). Rape yellow (similar to RAL 1021).
Carmine red (similar to RAL 3002). Carmine red (similar to RAL 3002).
Moss green (similar to RAL 6005). Moss green (similar to RAL 6005).
Anthracite grey (similar to RAL 7016). Anthracite grey (similar to RAL 7016).
Grey-white (similar to RAL 9002). Grey-white (similar to RAL 9002).
White aluminium (similar to RAL 9006). White aluminium (similar to RAL 9006).
Grey aluminium (similar to RAL 9007). Grey aluminium (similar to RAL 9007).
Traffic white (similar to RAL 9016). Traffic white (similar to RAL 9016).
Chocolate brown (similar to RAL 8017). Chocolate brown (similar to RAL 8017).
Deep black (similar to RAL 9005). Deep black (similar to RAL 9005).


If panel sections are selected instead of the  aluminium frame sections for the Henderson OSF42A,  these receive the following micro-surface finish.
Micro finish Micro finish

The micro finish of the panels is not just elegant, it also provides exceptional stability, even for wide doors.

Frame section

Light bands

Frame section Frame section

You can select between the following as  glazing :

  • Single acrylic glazing (scratch-resistant or normal)
  • Single genuine glazing
  • Double acrylic glazing (scratch-resistant or normal)
  • Double genuine glazing
  • Triple acrylic glazing (scratch-resistant or normal)



Pass-door industrial door Pass-door industrial door


The pass-door with low threshold was developed in order to enable convenient crossing and minimise the risk of tripping.

The pass-door has a standard width of 900 mm and offers extra space.



Operating and control systems




Automatic operation

Powerful electric motors provide maximum convenience. Available as an operator unit with 230 V motors, virtually maintenance-free gear and quick release for manual operation. It is possible to move the operator with an axle chain drive if little space is available at the side.

The Henderson IDO7 operator is a combination of the Henderson IDO7 mechanical unit and a door controller from the Henderson C700 series.
The system is available in 3 versions, for doors weighing up to 400 kg and for doors weighing over 400 kg and as a high speed version for doors up to 250kg.



Manual operation

Henderson Industrial Sectional Doors can be operated manually using a rope pull. The rope pull is connected directly to the door curtain.

A hand chain makes it easier to operate heavy doors. The gear wheel chain drive (transmission ratio 1:4), which is connected directly to the shaft, is set to 1" shafts. Suitable for doors with a max. door width of 5,500 mm or a max. weight of up to 250 kg.


Integrated chain hoist

Another great feature of the IDO7 is the possibility of an integrated chain hoist (ratio 1:3,5) for fast emergency opening/closing in case of power failure.



Convenient control

The Henderson C700 door controller offers a range of control options, from simple push-button operations to opening and closing the door through to sophisticated technical automatic functions.

The controller design is based on modules. Security upgrades and other automatic functions are available. Additional functions, such as magnetic loops, photocells, radar, radio control and restricted door opening are easy to add.

The function of limited door opening is possible by simply pushing a button printing (as standard).