What needs to be considered before buying a garage door?


Regardless of whether it is for a new build or a renovation, a few questions need to be clarified before purchasing a new garage door.
Whether these are safety or convenience concerns - it is not just the technical requirements that need to be clear, but also any design preferences.

Entrematic provides individual fittings, smart installation solutions and countless options for variation for its Henderson garage doors.
Thanks to over 95 years of experience, you can rest assured that we have the right solution for every building.

If you consider the following before making a purchase, our Henderson specialist distributors can offer detailed advice and provide the right door for your needs:


1) How much space do I have in front of the garage to open and close the door?

Do I want a sectional door, where I can use the entire area in front of the door and which can also be installed where not much space is available?
Do I want or need a roller door, which takes up a minimum of space in and in front of the garage when opening?
The existing free and unused area in front of the garage provides enough space for a One-Piece-Door, which tilts forwards when opening. 

2) How important are environmental and sustainability concerns, as well as saving energy, to me?

Are environmental aspects very important to me? Should the garage be sealed and provide maximum heat insulation values?
All Henderson sectional door are fitted with insulated and thermally separated panels that are 42 mm thick so that you save energy and your hard-earned cash. 

3) Is it important to me that the garage door suits me and my house and that I have a range of design options?

If this is the case, you have come to the right place at Entrematic. You are spoilt for choice. Our garage door lines provide countless design options, from different finishes and models through to window inserts and design elements.
Does the door colour need to match the window colour? Absolutely no problem. We can offer you (almost) any colour within the range of RAL or even NCS colours.
Our Henderson Door Finder provides a quick and easy overview. Configure the door of your dreams.

4) Is a long-term warranty important to me?

Wearing parts are often excluded from warranty coverage. Not with us. We'll give you a 10-year full warranty on every last part of the door and the door surface. We'll even give you a 5-year warranty on the operator mechanism and a 2-year warranty on the operator electronics. Further details can be found in our Warranty Declaration.


5) How important is a high level of burglary protection to me?

Do I intend to store expensive valuables in the garage? An expensive bicycle or motorbike? Is the garage connected directly to the house by an access door?
For Henderson Superior 42 series doors, you can purchase additional burglary protection, which has been tested in line with Dutch standard NEN 5096 by SKG and classified based on RC2.

6) Are well-engineered safety concepts on a garage door especially important to me?

Covered pulleys, rail runners and tension springs significantly reduce the risk of injuries. This protects injury to even the smallest of hands. Henderson Superior 42 series doors are (virtually) the only doors on the market to offer this additional safety protection.
Henderson sectional doors with operator are also TÜV- and GS-certified.
Greater safety is our standard. That's why Henderson doors provide additional finger trapping protection, anti-leverage protection via the matching garage door operator, spring fracture protection and obstacle detection.

7) How often do I enter and exit the garage?

Is the garage often used as an access point? A pass-door integrated into a Henderson Overhead Sectional Door is a good solution so that the door does not always have to be fully opened. A Henderson Side Sectional Door is also an optimal solution thanks to its partial opening function.

8) Is the convenience of an automatically operated door important to me?

I find few things more irritating than getting out of my dry car in the rain, snow or ice in order to open the door manually. Then allow yourself the convenience of a radio remote controlled door operator. Your Henderson garage door opens automatically at the push of a button (even from some way away) and you can arrive home dry.

9) Do I need an emergency release for the door?

If your garage door is electrically operated, you should make sure that you have another way to access the garage in case of a power failure. If you don't, we recommend installing an emergency release. This is available as an accessory to all Henderson sectional doors.

10) How much money do I want to spend?

Am I prepared to pay a bit more for a durable and modern sectional door? This combines a number of benefits, such as protection against energy loss or space. One-Piece-Doors are generally the cheaper alternative, but you will have to live with a few limitations (loss of space in front of the garage).


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